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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

glastonbury blog

This guy has written a blog about watching the Glastonbury festival on BBC, which ignored Glenn and the Fluffer (sob!), and wheeled out Jools Holland and Brian Wilson for the old folks. It's actually a fun blog to read.

Saturday, June 25, 2005

more on T on the Fringe

Someone on the Glenn Tilbrook Yahoo list answere my query as to what T on the Fringe is. Good info to have. Tilbrook. Fringe plays. Ah, I wish I could get out to Edinburgh in August!
Date: Thu, 23 Jun 2005 20:59:55 -0000
From: "sd_neil"
Subject: Re: Tilbrook on the Fringe?

>Anyone with any insight as to what T on the Fringe is?

The biggest(?) music festival in Scotland is T in the Park. This is sponsored by Tennants and started in Strathclyde Country Park, although is now held elsewhere. Tennants must also be sponsoring this music festival, within the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.
Incidentally, Glenn and the Fluffers is now listed on the Tennent's RedT Web page (though you have to dig to find it).

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Tilbrook on the Fringe?

Tickemaster UK is showing the following booking for Glenn and Fluffers in Edinburgh:
Sun 14/08/05
19:00 T On the Fringe - Glenn Tilbrook & the Fluffers Liquid Room
Edinburgh, Scotland
on sale now
This listing isn't shown on the T on the Fringe Web site. I'm gonna guess that very evocative name comes from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival coming up this August. (And where a friend of mine once acted in a play. I'm just saying.)

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

festival magic: a mention from the abbey music fest

And so the summer festival season begins. No wonder we never see Glenn in the summer. I wonder who if he checks anyone out at these festivals. From Monday's Reading Evening Post:
ROCKERS, folkies and metal heads had a stomping weekend with hot music and even hotter weather. The two-day Abbey Music Fest in Emmer Green drew in crowds with a mix of styles.
Glenn Tilbrook headlined on Saturday along with Queen Tribute band the Bohemians, pop punk group the Naked Apes and folk band Nayfumble.
Yesterday’s line-up at the Bukandskit Fest had a heavier feel with bands like Symmetry and Raging Speedhorn.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

classic tilbrook article

Is it true? Has Glenn Tilbrook been touring solo for so long that we can talk about "classic articles?" Well, I'll have to start posting them, as there is a distinct lack of news that my newsbots are finding. But this one from 2001 is a great one, and one that I have quoted at length to my more, ahem, hard-core friends, who never seemed to understand the appeal of Squeeze: In San Francisco Art Magazine, J. Brendan Williams writes:
But that “N” word made me uncomfortable: “Nice”. Those clever chord changes utterly lacked aggression, the band made no pretense toward testosterone infused posturing. So I wrote them off, decided to forget about Squeeze, concentrated on the punk thing . . . until I met that girl. You know her, boys. The one who sat on the lip of the stage at the hardcore shows and rocked with the guys but always remained somehow above the scene, mystically feminine, alluring, magical. And when I picked her up at her parents’ house, Singles, 45’s and Under gently wafted from her bedroom window. From that vantage point, Squeeze finally made sense. Squeeze was part of that British Pop tradition that included the Beatles, Kinks, and Cliff Richard, and led to The Jam and Elvis Costello. And what’s wrong with that, especially when the rocker-chix still dig it? It’s part of that greater yin-yang of rock-roll that enabled Elvis to sing Teddy Bear and Hound Dog in the same set (praises, brethren, amen). 
My thoughts exactly. Great article. Check it out.