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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Listen to Chris' new tracks on Stiff Radio

"I'm on the old brown rice and the herbal tea..."

It's the end of the weekend here at Squeeze Towers and we've eaten the last crumbs from the biscuit barrel and the drinks machine is adding cold water to all our cups of coffee...

... BAH!

It's Sunday evening and what we need are some new tunes to put a smile on our collective faces.
And so, you wish is my command as Frank the newshound bounds up to me with his tail wagging and a fresh link hanging out of his smiling mouth.

Time to grab your mouse and drop into the Stiff Records website and click on the Stiff Radio tab on the bottom right hand side of your screen to hear four, YES FOUR!, new tracks from Chris Difford:
  • Battersea Boys
  • Come On Down
  • Fat As A Fiddle
  • Never Coming Back
And I must say that the songs are quite simply amazing (I've now listened to them at least five times) and I can't wait to hear his new album, the brilliantly named 'The Last Temptation Of Chris'... but don't take my word for it- GO AND LISTEN :0)

Whilst trawling the web, I came across this artwork for the promo cd-

I really hope that this is the final cover for the released cd as it's a stroke of genius!

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