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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Glenn love skyrocketing

The chart below shows that Amy's lovely movie is getting Glenn a lot of love in the blogosphere. Well, mentions at least.

Posts that contain "glenn Tilbrook" per day for the last 30 days.
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Friday, January 27, 2006

GT:OFTR Review

The Pulpmovies Trailer Park » Glenn Tilbrook - One For The Road

See the movie

Amy gets some love from the WaPo today, and it's well deserved.

I just received the DVD today and promptly watched it. I was probably going to like the movie no matter what, so I'm not an objective, unbiased source for a review.

But, I have to tell you, in all honesty, this was one of the best movies I have ever seen. It's funny, touching, poignant, and very entertaining. Absolutely wonderful.

If you're visiting this blog out of interest in Squeeze or Glenn Tilbrook, then you have to see this movie. If you've stumbled onto this site and just want to see a well-done documentary with some great music, then you have to see this movie.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The kind of detail you'll read nowhere else but squeeze reader

geddy0329: Tuesday morning..
Not too much going on right now. That Glenn Tilbrook DVD gets released today. Even though I already have a copy coming via, I may call Best Buy. and see if it’s available at the store today. If so, I may go out for lunch, and then use up a couple gift cards from Christmas that I still have (Borders and FYE).

GT:OFTR DVD blogmention

the nutmeg grater: one of the BEST shows i have ever seen was squeeze at the agora ballroom

Chris Difford gets memed

Carolyn's Journal - Music meme and other musical musings
Cowboys are my Weakness - Chris Difford (choice not inspired by Brokeback Mountain. Heard this song a long time ago - no prizes for guessing where - and eventually tracked down a copy on Amazon Marketplace)

Happy Birthday, Jools!

The pianoman is 48 years old today!

More Glenn Tilbrook DVD reviews Dayton filmmaker makes musical obsession a movie
But ask Tilbrook what he thinks of the finished product, and he'll tell you it was worth the drama. "There is a heart and soul to what I do now as a solo artist and there always has been during my time with Squeeze, but I think the film really shows that I absolutely love what I do, and I'm proud that comes across in the film," he said.
Free Times: Cruising with the Master: Dayton director's Glenn Tilbrook DVD debuts next week
"I wanted to put together a film that people who might have never heard of Glenn would relate to and appreciate," says Pickard, who included her original Squeeze interview as a bonus feature on the DVD. "I think I’ve achieved it."

Top of the morning...

On Thursday, Chris Difford will appear on Ireland AM TV3 at 8.45 am.

It's getting hard to keep up with the Squeeze media appearances.

Glenn's been everywhere, man

The DVD was released and Glenn and Amy drove like crazy all over London doing radio promotion.

Have you bought the DVD yet? If not, click here, buy it through Amy's site, then come back here.

I'll wait.

Glenn was on Sky News, pip_3k made some screen captures, they're here. She says that she made a copy of the interview, it should show up on the web sometime soon.

They appeared on Radio London. Link here, fast forward to 20:30ish, (thanks akasedge from DiffWorld), and screen caps here, thanks again to pip_3k.

He was on I can't find a link to the old show, but perhaps it's coming.

BBC6, webcam grabs here, link here.

The Guardian has an article here: 'I'd film him brushing his teeth'

He gets mentioned in a Cheap Flights article.

I haven't checked every link in detail, so feel free to correct me in the comments.

Now he looks a little more like that guy from Korn

Glenn Tilbrook's excellent version of Fountains of Wayne's Red Dragon Tattoo is available as a video download from Babylon and On.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Jools dates through August

I can't remember what new dates have been added, so I won't post them here, but there are more than 30 Jools concerts listed on his Web site through August, including dates in Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam and the Hague. I wonder when that man has the time to have TV show and be a celebrity?

Amy and Glenn media appearances

One for the Road is going to be released on Monday, and according to a post to the Glenn list, Amy Pickard and Glenn Tilbrook will be making a few media appearances. I hate to post unconfirmed dates, but 1) that hasn't stopped me before and 2) I don't know if I'll get a response from Amy before Monday.

11:30 a.m. Channel 5, new show
2:30 p.m. London Live Show 94.9 BBC, Robert Elms show
8 p.m. BBC 6 music show, Tom Robinson's show

Also, Amy gets some ink in the Plain Dealer. And lest anyone think that it's a mere conert video, writer Julie Washington quotes Amy:
The question underlying "Glenn Tilbrook: One For the Road" is the definition of success, Pickard said. Some people feel sorry for Tilbrook now that he's lost the trappings of fame, but he's doing what he loves to do, she said.

What do Squeeze Reader readers want?

According to my little tracking doo-dad, this is what newcomers are looking for:
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20 Jan, Fri, 11:12:41 MSN Search: mistress jools
21 Jan, Sat, 05:09:13 Google: "Aimee Mann" "Love Monkey"

Check out search #19. Yikes!

Interesting message on Diff's site

As Rob already pointed out, Chris is changing up his U.S. tour. Under the news section of Difford's site (no direct link, sorry), he posts this message:
Hi there

the US tour is now being moved around, the reason being is that Glenn is out on tour at the same time, and there is no need for us both to playing the same towns at the same times.

Also im waiting to complete my DVD, this will be ready for April, so the tour will now begin in April and run into May. Dates to follow very soon.

very best

A message like that gets the Squeeze fan's head to spinning, but there really should never be a reason to force us to choose between Chris or Glenn. I guess we'll wait until May.

Difford in Ireland with former Oasis singer

No, not either one of the Gallaghers. He'll be appearing Jan. 28 at the Forum with Matt Dreighton, who, according to the Waterford News & Star took Noel's place as singer and guitarist after he pulled out of a European tour. Dreighton is the lead singer, the N&S says, of acid jazz band Mother Earth. Chris will also be appearing with session singer Dorie Jackson.

I'm not sure where the Forum actually is, other than it must be somewhere in Ireland....

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Live album and a different DVD

The Herald: Pulling the plug
Squeezed in

The ambitious trajectory of Glasgow's Luna Records, founded by Beanscene cafe magnate Gordon Richardson, continues apace. The label's experienced A&R guru Ronnie Gurr has signed up former Squeeze wordsmith Chris Difford and a live album, cheekily entitled South East Side Story to echo the band's best album, featuring many of their hits and recorded in the band's old Deptford stamping ground, is upcoming. Cannily, the release date will coincide with Universal's re-release of the Squeeze back-catalogue. There will be a DVD, too, featuring testimonials from a host of Difford admirers.

If only I'd been lazier....

...I wouldn't have posted those tour dates here. They've changed. Keep checking CD's site.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Poppa Tomato said to Baby Tomato


So I'm behind on a few stories. Please feel free to contact your customer service representative for a full refund.

Quixotic Records reports in an e-mail:
Glenn and Chris have been working with Universal on a re-release campaign for the back catalogue. We hope that the first wave of releases will be in March. We will keep you all informed and will be selling copies through our websites and at Glenn's gigs.
The very well informed David says that these are completely new releases, with yet unheard tracks, booklets, etc.

The same Quixotic e-mail reports that they hope the first demo CD will be released in the spring. We all can hope.

Biggest news is that Chris Difford is coming across the pond to the US! From his site:
US tour (tbc)
[March] 27 - Watercolor Cafe in Larchmont, NY
28 - Cafe Nine in New Haven, CT
29 - Iron Horse in Northampton, MA
30 - Club Passim in Cambridge, MA
31 - Towne Crier in Pawling, N.J.


1 - Narrows Center for the Arts in Fall River, MA
2 - Bundy Center for the Arts in Waitsfield, VT
4 - Ocean County Library in Bayville, NJ
5 - Tin Angel in Philadelphia, PA
6 - Gravity Lounge in Charlottesville, VA
7 - Iota in Arlington, VA
9 - West Virginia University Mountain Stage
11 - Makor in NYC
Obviously these dates are subject to change. Update 19JAN06 - These dates are being revised at the present time.

Win a date with Chris Difford!

dublinks: Win tickets to see Chris Difford

Ok, it's tickets to a concert date.

If you want, you could consider it a date and he's on stage with you in the audience.

If you do, though, you're probably a stalker.

GT:OFTR Review

dOc DVD Review: Glenn Tilbrook: One for the Road (2005)
The first thing you probably need to realize is that this is not a solo concert disc featuring former Squeeze frontman Glenn Tilbrook, who toured the states in an RV with an acoustic guitar, crooning hits like Tempted and Black Coffee in Bed. Yes, there are chunks of Tilbrook performing live - strumming madly like a crazed troubador - but those moments are not the main attraction here, and if you get over that initial hurdle then the fun of this documentary will be instantly more accessible. This is a documentary, almost a fanumentary, shot by Ohio native and self-professed rabid Squeeze fan Amy Pickard in 2002 as Tilbrook made his quirky one-man trek from Maryland to California.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Mention the DVD, get a link


Anchored up in Anchorage

Glenn's appearance on a CD put together by an Austin, Texas radio station gets some press here:

The Anchorage Press: YEAH YEAH YEAH
Thirteen is the lucky number for Austin radio station KGSR-FM. Few copies are left of the 30,000 pressed of KGSR Broadcasts Volume 13, their latest annual charity collection of exclusive in-studio sessions. Boasting Tori Amos, Ian Hunter, Jane Siberry, Joseph Arthur, Jack Johnson, and Kathleen Edwards among the 37 on-air tracks over two CD's, all proceeds benefit SIMS (Services Invested in Musician's Support), a local mental health agency that helps musicians in the area. Highlights include Squeeze cofounder Glenn Tilbrook's acoustic run through "Black Coffee in Bed,"


Just a quick reminder that the Glenn Tilbrook documentary, One for the Road, is going to be available in 10 short days. The reviews have been glowing, Squeeze and Glenn fans are brimming with anticipation.

Worried about remembering what day it is released? Fear not! You can just go order the film right now! Go to the movie's homepage and click on the Amazon or Barnes and Noble button. They'll ship it to you on release day. Simple!

What are you waiting here for? Go order it! Then come back.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Aimee Mann and Love Monkey

Squeeze friend Aimee Mann gets mentioned in this article and I couldn't resist.

KRT Wire: Return of `The Sopranos' leads TV highlights of '06
'Love Monkey' Jan. 17, CBS

Back in the spring, the buzz was that this romantic comedy-drama starring Tom Cavanagh ('Ed') was the best new show CBS had under consideration for the new season. Well, it didn't make the fall lineup, but now it's turning up as a midseason entry. And guess what? The buzz actually may be right for once. The first episode is a charming, funny, insightful take on love and life in the big city with Cavanagh giving an appealing performance as music executive Tom Farrell. Based on a best-selling novel by Kyle Smith, the show will feature original music from the likes of Aimee Mann.

Jools' place reviewed

The Herald: The Best: The Jam House
'The Jam House? You'll never get a table in there tonight,' the smug-looking youth in Waverley tourist information informs me when I enquire about its location. 'It's just opened and is booked up months in advance. It's that Jools Holland's place, you know.'

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Chris for Wychwood

Virtual Festivals: Bragg, Bays, and more for Wychwood
Several more acts have been confirmed for June's Wychwood Festival - and VF can also exclusively reveal a few bands on the verge of signing up for the Cheltenham event...

Wychwood Festival returns for its second year at Cheltenham Racecourse, Gloucestershire, from 2-4 June 2006.

Bands just confirmed to the weekend's bill include Billy Bragg, The Bays, Aberfeldy, Chris Difford, The Handsome Family and Lisa McGibbon.