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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

GT:OFTR Review

dOc DVD Review: Glenn Tilbrook: One for the Road (2005)
The first thing you probably need to realize is that this is not a solo concert disc featuring former Squeeze frontman Glenn Tilbrook, who toured the states in an RV with an acoustic guitar, crooning hits like Tempted and Black Coffee in Bed. Yes, there are chunks of Tilbrook performing live - strumming madly like a crazed troubador - but those moments are not the main attraction here, and if you get over that initial hurdle then the fun of this documentary will be instantly more accessible. This is a documentary, almost a fanumentary, shot by Ohio native and self-professed rabid Squeeze fan Amy Pickard in 2002 as Tilbrook made his quirky one-man trek from Maryland to California.