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Monday, January 09, 2006

Aimee Mann and Love Monkey

Squeeze friend Aimee Mann gets mentioned in this article and I couldn't resist.

KRT Wire: Return of `The Sopranos' leads TV highlights of '06
'Love Monkey' Jan. 17, CBS

Back in the spring, the buzz was that this romantic comedy-drama starring Tom Cavanagh ('Ed') was the best new show CBS had under consideration for the new season. Well, it didn't make the fall lineup, but now it's turning up as a midseason entry. And guess what? The buzz actually may be right for once. The first episode is a charming, funny, insightful take on love and life in the big city with Cavanagh giving an appealing performance as music executive Tom Farrell. Based on a best-selling novel by Kyle Smith, the show will feature original music from the likes of Aimee Mann.