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Friday, March 30, 2007

Squeeze confirmed for Guilfest '07


"Dates for GuilFest 2007: 13th, 14th and 15th July 2007!"

Click here for the Official Guilfest website.

"GuilFest is proud to announce that Squeeze will be headlining the main stage on Saturday July 14 2007.

This will be the only summer show for this hugely influential British band and the first time their founder members Glen Tilbrook and Chris Difford have performed together as Squeeze since 1998. The public can expect to hear the classic hits such as Cool for Cats, Up the Junction, Labelled with Love, Hour Glass and Take Me I'm Yours."

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Thursday, March 29, 2007

A Festive Chris Difford

line-up announced for Song07 - Proclaimers, Levellers, Badly Drawn Boy, Calexico, Paul Brady, Seth Lakeman, Nizlopi, & many more
Song07, a new festival featuring some of the finest singer songwriting musicians, taking place in the Pennine hills at Honley Showground, Thurstonland Road, Farnley Moor, Farnley Tyas, near Huddersfield, West Yorkshire over the weekend of Saturday 28th to Sunday 29th July 2007, has confirmed a number of acts for the weekend.


Performing on the Sunday on the Main Stage are Levellers, Calexico, Cara Dillon, Paul Burch, Waking the Witch, and 6 Day Riot, while the 2nd Stage will have Seth Lakeman, Chris Difford, Thea Gilmore, Nick Harper, Tobias Froberg, Martin Stephenson, Ben's Brother, Aidan Smith, and Vijay Kishore.


Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Glenn's in The Loft on XM Radio - April 2nd

Glenn & The Fluffers are scheduled to play live on XM Radio's 'The Loft' on April 2nd from 12PM (ET).

But if you miss it then, there's plenty of time to catch an encore:

* Mondays - 9 PM ET

* Thursdays - 3 PM ET

* Thursdays - 9 PM ET

* Fridays - 4 AM ET

* Saturdays - 6 PM ET

It's an American station, so all you lucky people on the right side of the pond can have their ears pleasured by Glenn & The Fluffers!

(You can listen online, but need to be a subscriber... though I do see that there is a free trial up on the site)

Thanks to the lovely Alec from the groovy Glenn_List for the news :0)

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Saturday, March 24, 2007

The Web world weighs in

A mere month ago, Chris Difford told the The Independent that he and Glenn Tilbrook declined a reunion show in San Francisco that offered the "more money for one show than Glenn and I could probably make now in two years." Obviously, there's been a change of heart for this British tour, and the blog world has spoken:

This guy says says he's a Squeeze convert after seeing Glenn in concert.

Karen is happy.

Marshall Crenshaw fans weigh in.

Notice... many of these weigher-inners are American. So, do you think they could maybe dig up the number of whoever that was in San Francisco and give SF a try. PLEASE?

(PS, I had a much better, and cuter post that disappeared after my browser crashed. Forget about being cute, here you all are!)

Squeezed gets name checked in Australia

Yes, yes, SQUEEZED! In that article that our new blogger pip pointed out earlier this week, The Age name checks Squeezed (though the reporter probably should have checked if that statement was true!). Damn press.

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Friday, March 23, 2007

Bumper Jools News: An outdoor concert, 'Later...' expands, and an appearance on Marc Almond's new album

There's a whole lotta Jools goin' on!

A whole mailbag* of Jools news has been emptied onto my desk here at Squeezereader Towers!

*Ok, it's just the three stories... but that doesn't sound showbiz enough!

Firstly, the Lowestoft Journal reports that:

"RHYTHM and blues legend, Jools Holland is the latest musician to be added to a spectacular line up of outdoor concerts being held across the region this summer.

The musician will play a one-off gig with his Rhythm and Blues Orchestra and special guest Lulu at the Somerleyton Estate, near Lowestoft, on Saturday, August 11."

Read the whole article here (you might need to log in, but it's free!)

Then, as if that's not enough!...

There's going to be six extra editions of the BBC's 'Later... With Jools Holland'!

You can read all about it under the unintentionally funny headline of:

" TOTP2 cut back as Jools expands"

At first, I thought that our favourite boogie-woogie player had put on a bit of weight, but I am pleased to report that he's doing fine! ;0)

And finally, Jools pops up on Marc Almond's new album:

"Stardom Road is the first release for Almond since his motorcycle crash in October 2004 in which he sustained serious injuries. The record, produced by Marius De Vries and Tris Penna, features guest appearances by Jools Holland and Antony Hegarty of Antony And The Johnsons. Almond also duets with St. Etienne's Sarah Cracknell on the Dusty Springfield number, "I Close My Eyes And Count To Ten."

Click here and you can read all about it!

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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Glenn's Down Under!

Like Men At Work once sang (well, sort of) ...

Glenn's in a land down under!

As you know, the Australian leg of Glenn's tour kicks off on March 30th!

He talks to The Age about reconnecting with people, being a one man spontaneous pop jukebox and gives the brilliant Squeezed tribute band a namecheck :0)

You can read all about it by clicking the wonderfully crafted link here.

One line jumps out at you:

"But fans know that Cool For Cats, their cockney novelty hit of '79..."

Have we ever seen Glenn & Chris in the same room *and* at the same time as Chas N'Dave?!!!

I think questions need to be asked! ;0)

"... is but one jewel in a cornucopia of brilliantly crafted English songs often mentioned in the same breath as the Beatles, the Kinks and Elvis Costello and the Attractions."

A nice save for those folks at The Age!

Here's some links for those hungry for Tilbrook Tidbits:
Glenn's Official Site
Glenn's MySpace
One For The Road (One man, Two guitars and an RV!)
Babylonandon- The Unofficial Glenn Tilbrook Site

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Manhattan Transfer? (See what I've done there? ;0)

"Yeah, but... No, but... innit?"

Jools has popped up in a newspaper article which discusses renaming an area around Greenwich Avenue, Manhattan:

"The streets around Greenwich Avenue in Manhattan would appear to have little in common with village greens and warm beer. However, because of the sheer number of British businesses in the district, Anglophiles in New York are campaigning to have a corner of the island officially renamed Little Britain...

"... Musician Jools Holland said: "There'll be somewhere I can feel at home amongst badly dressed, ill-mannered people that are my fellow countrymen."

We doff our ill-fitted bowler hats in your direction! ;0) :0)

And if any of our readers are wondering why the renaming has tickled our collective British funny bones- take a look at our Little Britain :0)

Official Jools Holland website

JoolsWeb - a fansite

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Monday, March 19, 2007

Watch Chris on your computer!

As we at the Squeeze Reader search the web high and low for nuggets of Squeeze joy... we came across a great little video of Chris Difford talking about 'South East Side Story', the key to the success of Squeeze and how he'd like to flex his creative muscle in Nashville.

You can watch the video here, and enjoy three-and-a-half* minutes in the company of Mr Difford.

*Well it's 3 mins 43 seconds really- we like to give our loyal readers a bonus ;0)

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Thursday, March 15, 2007

And, finally the BBC has heard....

Perhaps I just missed their original story, but BBC 6 reported on its Web site Tuesday that Difford and Tilbrook will play dates as a reunited Squeeze. (We posted it on our Web site Friday morning! Ha! Don't ever say we have a life.... er... I meant... don't say we don't try hard for our readers.) BBC is also reporting that Jools Holland won't be a part of the reunion, but I'm not sure what their source is:

Excerpt from 13 March 2007:

It will be the first time the group, featuring singer/songwriters Chris Difford and Glenn Tilbrook, have performed as Squeeze since 1999.
"I want it to be spirited and real" - Glenn Tilbrook, on performing the Squeeze back catalogue
The tour will tie in with the re-release of the band's back-catalogue, and won't include any contribution from Jools Holland.

Jools is doing OK, though. This Web site reports that he's been entertaining his old buddy Prince Charles, whose wedding he attended.

Glenn on Radio 2

From his Myspace bulletin:

Thursday 15 March
22:30 The Mark Radcliffe Show
Tom Robinson sits in for Mark Radcliffe with a late-night mix of live sessions, celebrity guests and listener interaction. With live music and chat from Squeeze's Glenn Tilbrook.

Here's the Web site for Radio 2. It's been a while since I've tried to listen to something on Radio 2, so I don't know whether we can listen to it in the U.S.

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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Glenn gets some press in Australia

The Courier-Mail: Tilbrook tunes into life
FORGET the lonely motel room nights, drinking with strangers and hanging around the airport lounge.

The life of the solo touring troubadour can be a predictable one, so Glenn Tilbrook – an old hand at touring Australia now – is making sure he sees plenty of the country this time around.

He's hitting the road in a campervan with partner and kids, including his two teenage sons, who live in Brisbane. He plays just six shows in the three-week jaunt, leaving plenty of downtime for exploring and holiday treats.
Read the whole thing, pretty interesting.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Essential cover art, and phone numbers for venues and DVD news

Here's your peek at the cover art, thanks to Squeeze's online publicity folks. (Wow, I wrote, Squeeze as if it were an existing entity. Haven't done that in years.) Also courtesy them, is the following press release, with phone numbers of venues and a remindr that tickets go on sale Friday.

Key points from the press release: 1) Release date is April 30, so mark your calendars. 2) There will be an Essential Squeeze DVD release of their videos, which includes a full-length 1982 concert (since this originates from the UK, I'm guessing that the DVD will be in PAL format and not the US format) 3) Diff also has an album scheduled to come out in 2007.

** The Quintessential Tour starts November 27th, 2007 **

Tickets on sale Friday 16th March @ 9am

Legendary songwriters Squeeze are set to reunite this year for a series of very special live dates on The Quintessential Tour, their first live shows this century. Eight years since their last tour and almost 30 years on from the release of their eponymous debut album, Chris Difford and Glenn Tilbrook's live return will see them perform a host of their classic pop gems including Cool For Cats, Take Me I'm Yours, Hourglass, Black Coffee In Bed, Slap & Tickle, Pulling Mussels (From The Shell), Up The Junction and many more.

The tour follows the upcoming album release of Essential Squeeze (Universal Music TV) on April 30th, the definitive hits collection (with two previously unreleased tracks) showcasing the very best of the bands 25 years contribution to the fine art of the pop single. Also released on the same day is the Essential Squeeze DVD, containing all their best pop promo videos (never before available on DVD), plus a full length live concert from 1982.

Since Squeeze originally disbanded, Difford has continued recording and is currently completing his second solo album provisionally titled Another Day Above Ground. The album will be released in the UK in the Summer 2007. On the live front, he is touring the USA for the first time in ten years with his acoustic trio during February and March. Difford will be undertaking a UK tour with his full electric band in May/June 2007 with a London date at The Jazz Cafe, Camden on 3 June 2007.

Tilbrook has been extensively touring the UK, America, Australia and Japan over the last 7 years. 2001 saw the release of his first solo album, The Incomplete Glenn Tilbrook, 2004 the release of his 2nd critically acclaimed solo album Transatlantic Ping Pong. In 2006 came the release of a feature length documentary Glenn Tilbrook: One For The Road about life as a touring musician on the road in the US. Glenn is currently working with his band, The Fluffers, on his 3rd solo album due for release later this year.

Squeeze are as relevant today as they ever were with the likes of The View, The Feeling, Razorlight, Fountains of Wayne, Ron Sexsmith and Kasabian citing them as a major influence. Formed in South London in 1974, the band enjoyed revered success releasing acclaimed albums including Argybargy, Sweets From A Stranger, Frank and Ridiculous. They headlined Madison Square Gardens in New York in 1982 and toured relentlessly to rapturous crowds.

SQUEEZE - UK Concert Date

Tue 27 November SOUTHAMPTON GUILDHALL 023 8063 2601

Thu 29 November GLASGOW CARLING ACADEMY 0870 169 0100

Fri 30 November NEWCASTLE CITY HALL 0191 263 5000

Sat 1 December WOLVERHAMPTON CIVIC HALL 0870 320 7000

Mon 3 December BRISTOL COLSTON HALL 0117 922 3686

Tue 4 December LONDON HAMMERSMITH APOLLO 0870 606 3400

Fri 7 December MANCHESTER APOLLO 0161 832 1111

Sat 8 December LIVERPOOL PHILHARMONIC 0151 709 3789

£32.50 Regional. £35.00 for Hammersmith Apollo.

24hr CC Hotline: 0871 2200 260 / 0871 230 6230

Buy online:

Essential Weblinks

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Whetting our appetites....

Now I just need someone to explain the part at the end....


Squeezeman turned TV host... Tilbrook?

I know this is old old news, but it appears this program may still be on the air on VH-1 Classic in the U.S. They list a show called BBC Crown Jewels which is clips from the TV music show "The Old Grey Whistle Test." It's supposedly hosted by Glenn Tilbrook of the "beloved UK band Squeeze." Can someone with good cable check it out and report back to let us know if it's true?

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New Squeezefan Site

I've been an Internet Squeeze fan long enough to remember the wonderful site run by Chris and Jennifer Beckett. Well, it looks like a new Squeezefan site is supposed to emerge soon....


Monday, March 12, 2007

Quickie Quixotic Update -- plus, US Tour?

From Quixotic:

The UK shows go on sale on Friday the 16th March to the general public, but you can buy your tickets from 9.00am on Thursday 15th March using the link below. This link is exclusive to the faithful Glenn/Chris/Squeeze lists as a way of saying thank you for all the continued support. Please note it will not work until the time and date above. Don't forget to get the best seats in the house!

[Edit]Link removed, because I posted it before I finished reading the message. My instincts rail against this edit, but I don't want to spoil it for everyone. It's not WMDs; they're freakin' Squeeze tickets.[Edit Ends]

A US Tour is being put together now, dates will be posted as soon as they are all confirmed.

Edited: You want that link? Go sign up for the Quixotic mailing list from Glenn's site (which is how I got it), or log into Yahoo Groups and sign up for Squeezefan, Glenn List, or DiffWorld and look through the recent posts.

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Friday, March 09, 2007

Get me a ticket for an aeroplane

Mini Squeeze Mini Reunion?

Chris Difford and Glenn Tilbrook together for two weeks in November and December. Just enough time for Americans (and others) to get on a plane and go. What a fantastic feeling at least for a while. There are dates in Southampton, Glasgow, Newcastle, Wolverhampton, Bristol, the Hammersmith Apollo (in London), Manchester, and Liverpool. Tickets go on sale next week, sayeth Tilbrook.

My computer's done screwed up and I can't use Blogger properly to post the poster, so check out the following poster from Glenn's site. Hope to post it soon....

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Thursday, March 08, 2007

El Squeeze


Monday, March 05, 2007

Chris Difford Show - Blog Review

What Am I Producing?: Squeeze Me!

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Friday, March 02, 2007

later with jools seen in HD in US?

I think this is old news, and only if you have Dish Network, but I did find that Rave HD (a high definition concert TV channel) has a trailer for Jools' show. It appears the show plays at 1 a.m. Fridays, so it is, indeed, later, or really really early, depending on how you look at it.

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CD in Philadelphia

Philadelphia Inquirer | 03/02/2007 | And then there's...