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Thursday, March 15, 2007

And, finally the BBC has heard....

Perhaps I just missed their original story, but BBC 6 reported on its Web site Tuesday that Difford and Tilbrook will play dates as a reunited Squeeze. (We posted it on our Web site Friday morning! Ha! Don't ever say we have a life.... er... I meant... don't say we don't try hard for our readers.) BBC is also reporting that Jools Holland won't be a part of the reunion, but I'm not sure what their source is:

Excerpt from 13 March 2007:

It will be the first time the group, featuring singer/songwriters Chris Difford and Glenn Tilbrook, have performed as Squeeze since 1999.
"I want it to be spirited and real" - Glenn Tilbrook, on performing the Squeeze back catalogue
The tour will tie in with the re-release of the band's back-catalogue, and won't include any contribution from Jools Holland.

Jools is doing OK, though. This Web site reports that he's been entertaining his old buddy Prince Charles, whose wedding he attended.