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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Glenn's in The Loft on XM Radio - April 2nd

Glenn & The Fluffers are scheduled to play live on XM Radio's 'The Loft' on April 2nd from 12PM (ET).

But if you miss it then, there's plenty of time to catch an encore:

* Mondays - 9 PM ET

* Thursdays - 3 PM ET

* Thursdays - 9 PM ET

* Fridays - 4 AM ET

* Saturdays - 6 PM ET

It's an American station, so all you lucky people on the right side of the pond can have their ears pleasured by Glenn & The Fluffers!

(You can listen online, but need to be a subscriber... though I do see that there is a free trial up on the site)

Thanks to the lovely Alec from the groovy Glenn_List for the news :0)

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