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Friday, December 23, 2005

A Brighton show memoir

Jackie writes a story of Squeeze heartbreak and later surprise in Brighton. (I edited a few paragraph breaks to make it more readable in the blog format.)

The venue - the Komedia Brighton - is a fairly well known two floored place in Brighton more often used by comedians and lesser known folk than Glenn. As hubby Paul and I live half an hour away by train and I'd seen Paul Carrack a month before at the Brighton Arena (much bigger venue) we decided to go and see Glenn and the Fluffers.

The last time I saw Glenn was with Squeeze supporting Blondie - on our Anniversary - at Wembley Arena London some years back. Chris didn't appear, Glenn announced Squeeze were splitting up, and I was so gutted we left before the end of the Blondie set.

Anyway, at the Paul Carrack gig it was announced Chris was in the audience but I didn't see him and he certainly didn't appear on stage. So when Glenn announced the same I didn't get too excited. Chris joining Glenn for 'Cool for Cats' and 'Take Me...' was a joy to behold, and as I've told the Glenn list folk Chris looked superbly smart and relaxed.

Their previous disputes were joked about by Glenn, but unfortunately Chris didn't play anything else. I was buzzing all the way home for what must go down as one of the greatest nights ever, and one of the biggest surprises ever!
Thanks for sharing, Jackie! Now if the rest of us could just get that lucky.