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Friday, December 16, 2005

Jools in HDTV?

Will you be able to see Jools and his guests on Later clearer than live --- every wrinke, every pore and every bead of sweat? Online HDTV Magazine has (re?)written what appears to be a press release saying that RAVE HD, aiming to be the first must High Definition channel, has struck a deal with the BBC for 18 episodes of Later with Jools Holland.

The magazine describes Later thusly:

A staple of the BBC for the past decade, the Later studio is a "must visit" for musicians passing through London. World-class talent like Santana, Coldplay, The Foo Fighters, Burt Bacharach and Arcade Fire are among the 2006 line-up. Hosted by recording artist Jools Holland, a noted solo artist and founding member of Squeeze, each episode blends an eclectic range of artists, designed to appeal to a broad category of music lovers. For example, a single upcoming episode features Elton John, Keane, Interpol, Bloc Party, Ray Lamontagne, Old Crow Medicine and an interview with Pink Floyd's Nick Mason.

The press release also says that the deal requires the BBC to broadcast Jools in HDTV. BBC News has reported that the broadcasting corporation won't to go all HDTV by 2010, though other news reports say that a few shows (Rome, for example) are already produced that way for American markets.

I'd feel better about trusting this news if I could independently verify this it with the BBC, but no word on it on the Later Web page or any press release from the BBC. As it is, all I can verify from the Later page is that Franz Ferdinand will be on. Not a band thing to note.