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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Glenn's been everywhere, man

The DVD was released and Glenn and Amy drove like crazy all over London doing radio promotion.

Have you bought the DVD yet? If not, click here, buy it through Amy's site, then come back here.

I'll wait.

Glenn was on Sky News, pip_3k made some screen captures, they're here. She says that she made a copy of the interview, it should show up on the web sometime soon.

They appeared on Radio London. Link here, fast forward to 20:30ish, (thanks akasedge from DiffWorld), and screen caps here, thanks again to pip_3k.

He was on I can't find a link to the old show, but perhaps it's coming.

BBC6, webcam grabs here, link here.

The Guardian has an article here: 'I'd film him brushing his teeth'

He gets mentioned in a Cheap Flights article.

I haven't checked every link in detail, so feel free to correct me in the comments.