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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Chris' Christmas Vid

Are you American (like me) and haven't heard Chris' new single, that Rob blogged about?

Well, there's always YouTube to the rescue:

And if you need to learn a line dance to it (I don't think it's same as the one in the video), check this out:

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Sunday, December 07, 2008

All we need is here

Chris Difford has a new band! Well, it's a one-off job, but it is a new single and it's for a good cause: Chris Difford and the Decorations: Let's Not Fight This Christmas

Here are some stories on the song:

News Blaze: In Search of The True Christmas Hit

The Press Association: Sergeant in bid for Xmas number one

BBC: Children sing with Strictly star

If you are in the UK, or have access to the UK iTunes store, you can purchase the song here: link

If you are anywhere else (or at least in the US), you can view the music video at The Sun: Sergeant lands Xmas single

Someone has posted the lyrics here.

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Glenn needs your help for his next video

On his Myspace blog, Glenn posts that you might be able to participate in the video for his next single :

To celebrate the launch of the website we are asking all of you if you would like the opportunity to be involved in the video for the new single 'Still'. If you are then please send to any photos you have of couples, holding hands, hugging or kissing. This does not have to be you and your partner, it can be with your child, your friend, your mum, anyone! We cannot guarantee that we will be able to use all of them but we will endeavour to use as many as possible.

Also, check out the new high tech look of his Web site. Very cool.

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