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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

You're just not right for our song: Tempted by Squeeze

American Squeeze fans are in for a treat or torture.

The CBS reality series Rock Star: INXS, airing today Tuesday 26 July at 10:00 PM EDT and Wednesday 27 July at 9:00 PM EDT, follows the Australian band INXS as they audition new lead singers to replace the late Michael Hutchence.

On last night's show, one of the contestants, Brandon, receives Squeeze's song Tempted to perform on tonight's episode.

He screws up the song royally at rehearsals, CBS describes it like this on the official web site:
When the time comes for rehearsal with the house band, Brandon is challenged by his selection of “Tempted” by Squeeze. Band leader Paul observes, “Brandon singing…is a bit of a worry [because he’s] not singing melody.” Brandon confesses, “Singing melodically is very difficult for me.” Not a good sign for tomorrow night’s show.
Tune in tonight to see if he manages to treat the song with the respect that it deserves or if I'll be blasting him here tomorrow.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh yeah! I was wondering when someone else in Squeezeland would notice the song "Tempted" being used on this show, and the contestant Brandon either screwing it up horribly, sending people (and Squeeze fans alike) running for the relief of the original song, or nailing it beautifully, gaining new fans for the wonderful Squeeze catelog of good music! Either way, it's publicity for a Classic act. I love Squeeze, and always will!

Cross your fingers folks, it's gonna be crazy.

26 July, 2005 23:18  

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