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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Off-topic: Hurricane Katrina

Hi folks, sorry to rain on Glenn's birthday parade, but I'm sure you've seen mention of the damage done to New Orleans.

I live in the west part of Houston, Texas. I just met a couple of refugees staying in a motel in my neighborhood. They didn't want a handout, they were looking for help finding work. The people you see on TV looting in New Orleans aren't typical of the victims of this hurricane.

Here in Houston, we're opening our Astrodome to our neighbors. The situation is dire and these folks could use your help. If you can spare a couple of dollars/pounds/loonies/euros, please donate to the Red Cross. They need to buy cots, medicine, and things like that for people who might be staying in Houston for quite a while.

Houstonians are overwhelming the system with our offers to volunteer our time. We'll have plenty of people to help our newest residents. We need cash as well.