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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Squeeze Reader's invitation NOT lost in the mail

Jools just didn't send one. The Independent Online, which seems to aim to be first in reporting e-mails about Jools Holland's wedding, says that the general media will not be invited to his wedding with longtime companion Christabel McEwen. So, I guess we won't see pictures of them in Hello! or OK! or whatever. Thank goodness. The Independent quotes:
"Britain's best-loved big band leader and music virtuoso Jools Holland (47) has confirmed the wedding to his long-term partner, sculptor Christabel McEwen (42)," reads the modest statement. "The couple will enjoy a private ceremony. The general media are not invited and neitherJools nor Christabel will be taking interview requests from the media."
Several people have come to the Squeeze Reader searching for more information on Christabel, Lady Durham. According to this geneology page, she is somehow related to Titanic victim John Jacob Astor, though I can't figure out how and to a great number of people with the title "Princess" and "Baroness." She has two children, the Honourable Frederick Lambton, born in 1985, with her first husband, the Honourable Edward Richard "Ned" Lambton, and Mabel Ray Britannia Holland, born in 1990, with Julian Holland, um, formerly of Squeeze. (That was my additional information.) The geneology page says that she and Jools married in 1990, which would put them at their 15th anniversary this year.