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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Expanding with the funk

From Peter Woodward:

Squeeze Fans and Fans of Top Music!!

Squeezed ( - the band that pays and plays tribute to the fantastic music of Squeeze are playing in Luton this Saturday 10th December from 8pm-ish 'til late-ish (about 1am):

The Well
5 Hightown Road,
01582 487464............playing and promoting the fantastic music of Squeeze.

The venue also has a great Thai restaurant!!

I can recommend it - I have eaten the food - it is excellent! Pad Thai - out of this world!!

Last time we played there - it was for two and a half hours-ish............that's thirty plus Squeeze songs....and this time we will be playing as long or longer and a new song - for us - Elephant Girl - I can't understand how this song didn't make it as a single let alone onto Sweets!!