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Monday, July 02, 2007

Universal vs. Apple: any implications for Squeeze?

I really don't know. Can someone answer that question for me?

So, Universal Music Group is threatening to end its contract with Apple's iTunes. The article mentions that groups on iTunes include Amy Winehouse and U2, but I also believe that many of Squeeze's albums are part of this group? If they don't come to an agreement, that music could just disappear from iTunes one of these days.

It's hard to remember as a consumer sometimes that iTunes has come about through a complicated mish-mash of lawyers arguing over royalties and rights, which is constantly shifting. After I thought I lost all of my iTunes purchases after a hard drive crash (back up often, folks), I was chagrined to discover that the single version of the song "Gangsters" by The Specials is not available. (I had it on my iPod, so I was able to not lose it.) I see that the CD has gone out of print, but I'm not really sure why that should affect its status on iTunes, since it doesn't take up much physical space.

However, it's not as if there's a ton of Squeeze music on (American) iTunes --- just East Side Story, Domino and a couple of greatest hits packages. Score 1 for CDs (and used record shops), I guess.

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