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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Incomplete Glenn, with Bonus Tracks (updated post)

The Japanese version of The Incomplete Glenn Tilbrook is listed by as released today, with bonus tracks, including "Parallel World (Piano Version)." (Oooooh.) Yours for $44.49. Ooooh.

Still, maybe if we could convince Amazon to get Glenn for its celebrity delivery promotion. He's already got the RV for it.

Update: I compared the track list with my American version of the Incomplete. The Japanese version omits the acoustic version of "One Dark Moment" (one of my favorite tracks), and has instead "By the Light of the Cash Machine" and the piano "Parallel World," which was available on the "Parallel World" single. Both versions have "Sunday Breakfast Treat" and "This is Where You Ain't ('now that's what I call now, mate' version)." The Japanese Incomplete is listed for 13 pounds, directly from Quixotic London, much less than Amazon.