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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Chris Difford: Aldershot in September

Hi everyone, I'm back posting on Squeezereader. During my vacation (or "whilst on holiday" for our friends across the pond) I shredded my Achilles tendon and had to get surgery. I do not recommend shredding your Achilles tendon, it's not an enjoyable experience. Anyway, I hope to be "back on the beat" now and helping keep you up-to-date on the doings of our lads.

In going back through the papers, I've found this article mentioning a Chris Difford gig in September. Aldershot News and Mail Online: From Tuvan throat singers to Chas and Dave
It begins in style on Saturday, September 10, with a rare local appearance by Squeeze songwriter Chris Difford, who teams up with Australian songstress Lisa FitzGibbon.
Click here for the West End Centre's web site.