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Monday, September 12, 2005

Glenn Exposed by the ProJo!

A writer for the Providence Journal responds to David Segal's essay that mentions his Greatest Live Show Moments, exposing the fact that Glenn repeated that "schtick" (the walkabout) in every venue where it was physically possible. Segal never said it wasn't scripted, he just said it was an involving and crowd-pleasing moment that he never predicted would happen. And probably not at not at an acoustic show. And probably not with That Guy from Squeeze.

It reminds me of a the time that I tried to get my rock musician friend (veteran of a number of a bunch of bands that people actually paid to see) to go to a Tilbrook show at the Crocodile Cafe in Seattle in 2002. He declined to go --- probably expecting some nostalgia trip with a bunch of old people. My friend called me back the next day or the day after that after a detailed write up by the local influential scenester columnist in the alternative weekly. He pressed me for details: The WHOLE CROWD really walked to the Lava Lounge, singing? He really played the whole set on crutches? Who played the guitars? (My answer: "Jon Auer (of The Posies) and some guy." My observation is verified by the scenester columnist.)

You know what? It's just one of those things. You totally just had to be there.


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