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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Lambton sign flap in the air

British celebrity must be a strange thing. Fred Lambton comes from a family with connections, doesn't he? He's got a grandfather who was a Tory MP, and I think he's the heir of something or other, but the British press insists on calling him Jools Holland's step-son. It seems that they're all jumping on the sign issue that recently landed Fred Lambton in hot water with the neighbors.

The Independent quoth
"That's just the start," [Lambton] tells me. "The majority of our politicians are uninspiring, boring and uncaring about the world we live in. I've started my website,, which is a brilliant way to reach out to the world's activists.
"I'm planning all sorts of things and it's a great way to mobilise action. I also intend to go into politics in the next few years. There's a lot to be done."
(But we all know the Independent was so reliable with the news of Jools' wedding.)

This is Money, a publication associated with the Daily Mail, also weighed in.