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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Video interview with Glenn!

Glenn chats Down Under!

Yes, our very own GT gives a fine interview to those nice people at, whilst reclining on a zebra*

*Well a zebra is a bit of an expansion of the truth, but it sounds rather good doesn't it?!!

Anyway, Glenn talks about lots of things including:

His 30 years in music, One For The Road,
working with other songwriters like Ron Sexsmith, his relationship with Chris, the Crowded House/Squeeze tour rumours, the idea of a new Squeeze album, the Squeeze tour line up, those Lennon & McCartney comparisons, his solo career and upcoming album... complete with lots of great chat about the songs!

Undercover's Interview with Glenn

After watching that, I really think GT should call his next album The Title's Always The Last Thing! :0)

PS- Great to see a Super Furries T-shirt!

Thanks to Helen from the Glenn_List for the link to the video.
Check out her GT Reviews site here!

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