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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Difford & Tilbrook live in Kent!

And here they are!...

Photo: Martin Rordam

No, yours truly hasn't been at the wine, but thanks to an eagle-eyed member of the Glenn_list, I am thrilled to report that Messrs. Difford and Tilbrook played live at the 'Return To The Summer Of Love Festival' last Saturday!

The dashing duo were unbilled, but gave everyone a thrill as they took to the stage and played Take Me I'm Yours, Pulling Mussels (From The Shell), Is That Love?, Tempted, Labelled With Love, Cool For Cats and Up The Junction.

I hope you can feel the excitement as I type! (As there is indeed more!)

Check out this rather lovely post on 'That Truncheon Thing', and there might be another surprise there waiting for you :0)

Thanks to Helen (from the groovy Glenn_list) for discovering this gem of news, for Martin R for the brilliant photographs and Frank from That Truncheon Thing blog.

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Anonymous John said...

Amazing. Thanks forthe link. Your site is brilliant too. Keep the faith!

11 July, 2007 16:33  

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