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Monday, July 30, 2007

The Phoenix promos Squeeze

Nice little article in the Phoenix before the shows at the Bank of America Pavilion in Boston and the Melody Tent in Cape Cod.

Heroin addiction, alcoholism, neurosis, friends at each others’ throats . . . all the things you’d expect to encounter in a film about Metallica. But in the story of a generally cheerful pop group like Squeeze?

You gotta respect a writer that read the whole biography (or at least, can fake it well), but cheerful pop group? A quick glance at Singles 45 and Under (OK, I admit, I don't actually own this compilation and I had to fake this one by looking up the track list) has: a con artist, pregnancy and poverty, heartbreak (twice!), temptation and loneliness. Hm, and that's before we get to the second half. Actually, all those things mentioned in the part quoted above eventually become subjects of their songs. Had I time, I'd atually match the trouble with the song....
The Cape Cod Times also weighs in with a long interview, which also features Difford naming who he thinks are the best lyricists of his pop era.

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