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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Guilfest photos on Flickr

We're trawling the web for Squeeze nuggets!

Some groovy photos from the Flickr community:

martinfinnis - Guilfest 2007 Photos

murky - Guilfest 2007 Photos

(While you're there, check out shots from Chris and Glenn's solo gigs- just put their names in the search box and off you go!)

And big thanks to squeeze readers the ledevilefamily , who sent in this link:


there are photos from guilfest at

scroll to the end of the page to see them"

(Credit - Banner photographs taken from the martinfinnis photostream)

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Blogger H.Sidney said...

is there a set list?

18 July, 2007 20:05  
Blogger pip said...

Hi there!

There's a setlist up at

(And lots more Squeeze goodies!)

pip :0)

19 July, 2007 11:19  

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