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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Chris talks about Squeeze & Guilfest

"it's going to be great!"

From Ents24:

Original Squeeze members Chris Difford and Glenn Tilbrook took everyone by surprise earlier this year, when they announced that they were getting back together and heading off on tour. But first, they'll be headlining the BBC Radio 2 Stage at this year's GuilFest on Saturday 14th July. Meg Rowell spoke to Chris ahead of their appearance.

It's not been all that long since Squeeze decided to get back together, how's it all going?

Well, since we decided to get back together, Glenn's been in Australia and we haven't really seen each other! He's back this week, but I'm in Italy and back next week, so - I think it's going to be fine! I think it's going to be wonderful in fact.

I guess you haven't had much of a chance to rehearse together then?

No, nothing at all! We're just talking about who's going to be in the band, setting up rehearsals and warm-up shows, you know getting the technicians together for the tour...but it's all very exciting news for us.

Was getting back together a tough decision to make, or a natural progression for you both?

It was a natural progression really, brought on by the release of our greatest hits album (The Essential Squeeze) by Universal, who decided that they'd spend this year re-releasing our back catalogue and we thought, well, we've got a break in our calendars as solo artists, so we thought we'd come out and support our history, which is essentially what we're doing.

You're headlining GuilFest this year, are you looking forward to it?

Yeah, I've never been to GuilFest, I've been to most other festivals but it's one I've not been to, though it's very close to me so yeah, I'm really looking forward to it.

It will be the first time you've performed together, as Squeeze, since 1998, it must be quite exciting?

Yeah, it is, it's going to be great - I'm saving up for an electric guitar as we speak!

You say that you and Glenn haven't had a chance to spend much time together, but do you think the chemistry will be the same between you both?

I have every reason to believe that it will be, you know, we grew up together, we've been friends for 26, 27 years or whatever it is. I think it's like getting back on a horse - you remember how to put your feet in the stirrups once you're up there.

Glenn played a solo slot at last year's GuilFest. Has he given you any tips?

As I say, I really haven't had a chance to talk to him, but a friend of mine went to see him last year and said the audience were amazing, so I'm really looking forward to it. I hear it's a real family kind of show - which suits me down to the ground.

There are some great bands on the line up this year - is there anyone you're particularly looking forward to?

I'd like to know who are playing! I know Madness are playing and Supergrass, who I'd love to see, but I haven't been told about anyone else yet!

Well, there's The Magic Numbers, The Ordinary Boys, Richard Thompson, Saw Doctors...

Oh wow! Excellent! I'll be up all night!

So, can we expect all the old classics from Squeeze, or have you got some new material up your sleeves?

It'll be wall-to-wall classics, I promise.

As you said, you're about to release The Essential Squeeze album; it must be satisfying to be able to collect together, and look back at everything you've achieved over the years.

It is. It's very warming to understand the kind of history that we've had together, it's quite something when you reach a certain age and you can look back and reflect on your life and feel very proud of it, so yeah, I'm very fond of what we have.

And then you're off on the Quintessential Tour this November...

Yeah, we're doing some dates at the end of the year, again to support the Essential Squeeze package, we've also got an American tour that we're doing, so it's going to be a busy year one way or another. I'm working on my solo album, Glenn's working on his, so we're very busy boys.

GuilFest has a reputation for nurturing young talent, and always has a lot of up-and-coming bands on its bill - do you have any advice to offer them?

Keep in tune and stay off the acid! No, I think a young band just has to enjoy the moment really. I don't think many people are that paranoid about doing shows anymore. When I was young, it used to terrify me, but I think younger people are more cool about what they do now, so my advice is just to enjoy it.

Squeeze will be headlining the BBC Radio 2 Stage at this year's GuilFest on Saturday 14th July. For more details, see the GuilFest page here on Ents24.

Original article: Squeeze's Chris Difford Talks To Ents24
Dated: June 6, 2007

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