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Sunday, April 24, 2005

no wait, I'M the dumbass....

Thanks, Rob, for reading my last post. You are indeed, right, and the Allenby Solfest is the same as Solfest. I'm a dumbass. Strangely, the Solfest people don't want to tell us when Glenn will be playing, because, "too many festivals where tickets are sold for individual gigs/sessions and this encourages visitors to 'cherry-pick' the big name acts without supporting the festival as a whole, often leaving insufficient tickets left for people who want to stay for the duration of the festival." I guess you can't have an entire festival overrun with Shane MacGowan and Glenn Tilbrook fans.


Blogger Rob Booth said...

Shoot, I wouldn'ta known if you hadn't said. I just figured they changed the in between times we saw it.

You could have faked it.

26 April, 2005 00:09  

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