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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

post-script to jools and glenn at glastonbury

I just re-read my last post and thought it was a little too negative. I don't want to completely rule out Glenn and Jools playing together --- in fact, I am an eyewitness to Glenn and Jools on the same stage in 1997. In my very brief tenure as a resident of London, I saw Glenn play acoustic in a little pub in South London, I believe. The gig was also a fundraiser for a sick child and there was a raffle for her. Jools was there, he played, and drew the raffle and told a joke that I have stolen many times since, with mixed results.

So, where is this photographic evidence? Afraid I have none, as I left my camera at my house and I didn't go back for it because I didn't want to miss the bus. Of course, I never forgot my camera after that, and Jools never showed up again. Dammit!


Blogger Bet said...

So - what's the joke? Come on, here, I'm waiting!

15 April, 2005 04:29  

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