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Saturday, April 30, 2005

Squeeze gets mention in the KC Star

Writer Brian McTavish ostensibly wrote this for Glenn Tilbrook's show at the Hurricane in Westport (in Missouri I guess?). He attributes Squeeze lack of success to the lack of a bona fide frontman, so, he suggests, go see Glenn --- Squeeze's non-bona fide frontman. Thanks for the plug, I think? I wonder if this guy can tell the difference between Glenn and Chris. If he can, you can't tell it from this.
Today in Kansas City: Squeeze time at the Hurricane
The Kansas City Star

What held back Squeeze? As much as anything, the lack of a bona fide frontman.

Without a showoff to shine the spotlight on during Squeeze's not-quite-mainstream heyday in the early '80s and beyond, the band's demure singer/songwriters Chris Difford and Glenn Tilbrook were left to focus on producing great little pop songs.

It wasn't enough to make Squeeze a household name. Yet the little British band that couldn't quite get over the major commercial hump left behind a string of indefatigably catchy ditties that sound just as fresh and intelligent today.

After years of trying to make it happen - the last Squeeze album came out in 1999 - Difford and Tilbrook have more or less taken to solo careers, although the door has not been officially closed on the duo or a Squeeze reunion.

Until then, any pure pop fan would do well to catch Tilbrook and his current band, the Fluffers, at 8 tonight at the Hurricane, 4048 Broadway in Westport. Bob Walkenhorst opens. Cover is $15.

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Any publicity is good publicity, I guess.

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