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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

but i don't have the heart to tell him....

A few weeks back, Mark Caro of the Chicago Tribune mad a gratuitous Squeeze reference as an example of a reunion that worked, as he predicts that the newly reunited Smashing Pumpkins may be hexed with the Curse of the Reunited Band. Here's an excerpt:
 Here's how it works: Established band breaks up. It gets back together. It's a shadow of its former self.
That's the broad stroke. Let's look at the finer print.

The band may still sound great live. It may still fill auditoriums, excite fans. But when it comes to being a functioning, forward-moving artistic endeavor -- when it comes to creating new works -- the band never approaches the level of its prime.

The Curse holds true if a band reunites after many years, like the Eagles or Fleetwood Mac. It works if a band pulls a quick about-face and reforms after just a few years, like Squeeze.

It applies if a band relaunches itself minus a key member, like Pink Floyd in the mid-'80s or the Band or Little Feat. It applies if all of the original players get back together, like the Byrds in the mid-'70s or Television or the Monkees.
Doesn't matter. The Curse conquers all.

(Here's the shorter, no-registration version reprinted in another paper.) That's the only mention of Squeeze, and Mr. Caro never revisits the sad ending to Squeeze's dozen or so extra years of life. I wonder if he, or his readers, know.