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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Tempted by the food of another?

(I riffed on Rob's headline. I hope he doesn't mind.)
I'm just as puzzled as Rob, now that I've heard (not seen, sorry), Brandon Calhoon's performance on Rock Star: INXS. Was he tempted by the food of another? The feud of another? What was that he bought after the flannel for his face and the hairbrush? I shouldn't be mean --- he picked probably one of the hardest songs from the list of tunes available. The lyrics are a mouthful and the melody requires a lot of confidence. He shouldn't feel so bad, though. I've only heard Paul Carrack and Glenn Tilbrook manage it.

Here's more from the Rock Star Web site:
The haggling over who gets to sing what song is becoming more contentious. It's not just the fear of choosing the wrong song -- the Rockers are also cognizant that ignoring INXS's advice can have fatal consequences. They each have their reasons for wanting specific songs. Told to explore his more melodic side, Brandon immediately zeroes in on Squeeze's "Tempted," calling it a "beautiful song" that would be "really different" for him....
Brandon has problems navigating the melody of "Tempted." In rehearsals, Paul, the musical director of the House Band, advises him to sing from his chest not his head.

So, my two observations after looking at that Web site: 1) Michael Hutchence of INXS was a hell of a frontman. 2) I now know why Squeeze didn't have more fans: other bands made easy songs look hard, but they had the knack for making hard songs look easy.