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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

I fumble for the clock

After my last post, I realized that most of the live programs that we post about on the Squeeze Reader are on the BBC. So, I set the blog so the time stamp reflects what (I hope is) UK time. I think this makes sense because I post from Washington state and Rob posts from Texas, so we don't have a shared time zone. About 30 percent of our readers are in the UK. And Squeeze is well nigh 100 percent British, I think. And so... yeah. Time is relative, anyway. If this causes any confusion --- or if you really have a strong preference the old way --- let me know.

I realize that this doesn't really solve the problems for US readers who need to convert from UK time to catch live radio programs, but, of course, the magic of the Internet can help you.


Blogger bitterspice said...

Hehehe. Looking over the blog just now, the time change actually gives the false impression that I keep normal hours.

24 August, 2005 13:57  

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