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Friday, September 16, 2005

RocKwiz photoz, courtesy Jiggy

I have to thank Jiggy for photos from the set of RocKwiz, the television show scheduled to air in November. Jiggy explains what this show is:
RocKwiz is a weekly show which is on Saturday nights in Australia. There are 2 teams, and each team has 2 audience members and 1 celebrity. The celebrities change every week. So that was the first and most likely only time Glenn will be on the show.

That was actually my mate Peter sitting next to Glenn in one of the photos (2 of my mates actually made it on that episode, the guy on the other team was one of my friends as well).
The photos were taken by Jiggy's friend, Matt Trentini. Thanks! Good to see that Glenn is doing well in Australia.

The photos also are here. Matt, the photographer, also has a Web page.