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Monday, April 30, 2007

Chris talks about Squeeze getting back together

Talking Shop: Squeeze

From the BBC:

Squeeze are reforming for the first time in eight years for a UK tour, and are releasing an album
of their greatest hits.

The London band, which formed in 1974, chalked up a string of hit singles in the late '70s and early '80s, including Up the Junction, Cool For Cats and Black Coffee In Bed.

In 1982 Squeeze split up, but returned with a variety of line-ups before stalwarts Chris Difford and Glenn Tilbrook played the band's final gig in 1999 and launched solo projects.

Difford, who is reuniting with Tilbrook for the revival, discusses returning to the band and his quest for old footage of Squeeze.

Are you getting back together for the love of it?

Universal approached us and said we'd be foolish
to miss this window, as they were pushing the boat out to promote the album. Glenn and I didn't plan it this year as we had solo plans.

But we've downed tools, we are getting the band together and we are going to do it. Squeeze has been our lives, so it's important that we show people we care.

Are you prepared for working together as a band again?

I'm looking forward to it - I've been saving up for an electric guitar as I haven't had one for years. I think it's going to be good as it's 24 shows, so you can plot how it's going to work.

Is there a possibility of a full-scale reunion on the back of your tour?

To make another Squeeze record we'd have to take six months out of our solo careers and neither of us can afford to stop at the moment. It's like we're "courting" again, showing each other our feathers. I'd love to write lyrics for Glenn again - he's one of the most inspirational people I've ever written for.

Do you prefer being a solo artist or a member of a band?

Being on my own is like being a skipper of a small yacht - Squeeze is like an ocean liner.

Have you been putting in any extra traini
ng for the tour?

I'll have to go to the gym as I don't want to be seen as an old man. I probably won't be jumping around on stage, but I'm hoping to embarrass my children as much as I can.

Are you in tune with the rapidly-changing music business, including downloading and the new chart?

My homepage is the BBC News entertainment site, so I get a lot of information from there. I can keep up with the charts from the comfort of my living room too. I don't look to see where my records have charted, but I'm always on the hunt for Squeeze videos I've never seen.

What are your long-term plans after the Squeeze tour?

My solo album is out next year and I'm working on the new Squeeze musical - we had one back in 1984 which was called Labelled With Love.

Essential Squeeze is released in the UK on 30 April. The band will embark on their reunion tour in November.

Squeeze's Chris Difford was talking to BBC News entertainment reporter Michael Osborn.

A squeeze reader amendment to the BBC article-

"I'm working on the new Squeeze musical - we had one back in 1984 which was called Labelled With Love."

Chris has posted to Diffworld to say that he:

"would like to work on one but not working on one at the moment, it should read


Thanks for clearing that up!

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