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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

All it took was reading a book

There I was, sat at my desk in the luxurious surroundings of squeeze reader towers and what should I see?...

A great picture of Chris & Glenn that I haven't seen before :0)

... And there's some writing too!

All it took was reading a book
Difford and Tilbrook reform as Squeeze

From Boston Now:

First they were friends, then they were band mates, then the band broke up and they stopped talking to each other altogether.

It's a simplistic way of looking at it, but that's how Glenn Tilbrook sums up his relationship with Chris Difford and the 80s hit-making machine they fronted, Squeeze.

Or at least that was his take on things before he started working with music journalist Jim Drury on a retrospective book on the band's career called Squeeze: Song by Song.

"I think I learned more about Chris from reading that book than I did in knowing him for 27 years," Tilbrook said. "So it started with getting to know each other again and eventually that led us to see if we wanted to play music together again."

Instead of heading into the studio to try and make new music, the pair got together with some of the musicians from their past and started playing the songs that made Squeeze a staple of the FM dial for so many years.

"The first time we actually saw each other in years was at a photo shoot for a best of CD they're putting out in the UK, which was a little embarrassing," he said. "Once we got into the rehearsal space and started playing, though, it all fell back into place pretty quickly."

While both Tilbrook and Difford have put together strong solo careers in the years since Squeeze officially broke up (1999), neither of them wanted to bring any of that material to the table for the current tour. "One of the things that's happened since we broke up is a lot of young musicians are telling us what a big influence we were on their music, which is great because it shows us what we write has stood up for itself over the years," he said. "So why not play it for the fans."

Squeeze play the Cape Cod Melody Tent tonight and the Bank of America Pavilion tomorrow.

Text: John Black

Squeeze Official Website
Squeeze Official MySpace

To everyone going to the Cape Cod & Bank Of America Pavillion concerts- have a great time :0)

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Blogger H.Sidney said...

setlists. we like variety. its a pretty big catalog fellas. have fun!

01 August, 2007 21:00  
Blogger Michelle said...


I am really enjoying the activity on the blog - especially all those links from Helen on the Glennlist. Great articles! I'd probably miss 90% of them if they weren't pointed out for me.

I think Glenn's purple shirt is becoming my favorite thing in his wardrobe. No odd "pants" this time around though...

02 August, 2007 00:32  
Blogger pip said...

Hi H.Sidney!

The Cape Cod setlist is now in our latest blog entry :0)

Hi Michelle!

Glad you're enjoying the blog- it's an exciting time to be a Squeeze fan :0)

Helen, does provide some great links on the Glenn_list :0) and if any Squeeze fans out there would like to send in links, photos, setlists or reviews of the gigs that they've been to, then please email them to us at:


Play On!
pip :0)

02 August, 2007 09:09  

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