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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Setlist from Cape Cod!

It's an exciting time to be a Squeeze fan isn't it?

As I was doing some in-depth research for today's blog (drinking coffee and looking through my inbox), I came across this...

Franny from the squeezefan Yahoo Group, managed to get a copy of the setlist:

Take Me I'm Yours
Slightly Drunk
Hour Glass
Up The Junction
Third Rail
Electric Trains
Some Fantastic Place
Melody motel
Messed Around
Walk Away
Slaughtered, Guttered, Heartbroken
Annie Get Your Gun
Another Nail
Goodbye girl
If I didn't love you
Pulling Muscles
Slap & Tickle
Cool for cats
Is that love
Black Coffee In Bed

Franny, we salute you :0)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here is th set list from last night's Boston show. i think I missed a song, but this list is pretty complete.

They totally rocked!!!

1. Take Me I’m Yours
2. ….. … ?? missed it
3. Picadilly
4. Hourglass
5. If Its Love
6. I Think I'm Go Go
7. There's no tomorrow
8. Electric trains
9. Some fantastic place
10. This Summer
11. Messed Around
12. Walkaway
13. Slaughtered, Gutted & Heartbroken
14. Annie get your gun
15. Another Nail
16. Goodbye Girl
17. If I Didnt Love You
18. Pulling Mussls from a shell
19. Slap and Tickle


20. Tempted
21. Is that love
22. Black Coffee in bed

02 August, 2007 16:42  
Blogger H.Sidney said...

slight variations across the board. ok... glad you fun. Could the custodians of the squeezereader give us that email address again but in a less complicated REMOVE THIS BIT format please?

02 August, 2007 17:34  
Blogger pip said...

Thanks for posting up the Boston setlist :0)

Hi H.Sidney,

I've put in the 'remove this bit' because if you type in the full email address you run the risk of spambots taking your email address and spamming it.

Try this:

And remove the 'AT' and replace it with @

pip :0)

02 August, 2007 19:01  

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