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Friday, November 23, 2007

Squeeze on talkSPORT radio - rescheduled

So there I was...

Sat at squeeze reader towers with my little radio listening to talkSPORT and waiting for the airwaves to be lit up with the delights of Messrs Difford & Tilbrook.

As I did my morning rounds of tidying the desks, watering the pop plants and topping up the water cooler with gin, I heard the presenter say "Squeeze" and ran to my radio.

Unfortunately my moment of happiness was short-lived as Jon Gaunt announced that he won't be playing the interview today as he wanted to carry on taking calls.

With a sigh, I walked over to the water cooler, filled up my mug and went back to my desk.

However every cloud has a silver lining, and some good did come out of this...
... while I browsed the talkSPORT website, I saw a "Listen Live" link which will enable overseas fans to hear the interview when it gets played out next week :0)

For now, I'll have a listen back to the show to make sure none of the session tracks were played when I nipped out for a Twix bar.

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