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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Squeeze on UK Radio- Nov 23

It's a wet, wet, wet day here at squeeze reader towers...

Frank, my faithful newshound is lying in his basket and dreaming of unearthing the world's biggest bone, while yours truly is playing solitaire on her computer.

All of a sudden Frank's ears pop up and he bounds over to my inbox.
Within seconds he has presented me with the soggy remnants of an email (and a pen which I've been searching for since last Tuesday!)

The lovely Jeanine from the Glenn_list alerts us to two, YES TWO!, Squeeze appearances on UK Radio tomorrow...

Squeeze are doing a session on the Mark Lamarr show at midnight on BBC
Radio 2 this Friday 23 November.
Glenn and Chris are doing an acoustic performance and interview which
will also transmit this Friday 23rd on Jon Gaunt's show on talkSPORT.
His show airs from 10am - 1 pm.

Luckily there is a listen again option on the Mark Lamarr

Jeanine, you rock!

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