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Sunday, September 30, 2007

High up on the Khyber

So, on my monitor at work are a few bits of paper, taped to the side. A bit of Pushkin I read and liked, a couple of extensions I'm always dialing, my to-do list, and my New Year's resolutions. One of my resolutions was to post to Squeezereader more, but things have gotten into the way. Now, I'm shoving the obstructions to the side and am going to try and keep up the resolutions again.

So, here's a story about Glenn getting high.

Undercover: Glenn Tilbrook Gets High
A rock star getting high is hardly big news, but Squeeze's Glenn Tilbrook is doing it for real.

Tilbrook, and a number of other musicians, will climb Mt Everest next month and perform the highest concert in history.

Tilbrook's fellow "rock" stars are Mike Peters of The Alarm, Slim Jim Phantom of Stray Cats, Cy Curnin and Jamie West-Oram from The Fixx and Nick Harper.

Together, they plan to do the gig at some stage next month. Tilbrook will leave for Katmandu on October 10 and return to the UK on October 30.

The show is to benefit cancer and leukemia sufferers all over the world.
Sounds like a hell of a show. Someone tape it and put it on youtube please.

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