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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Squeeze vs. The Police, a steel cage match!

Well, not quite. But a guy at the Huffington Post is very pointed in his assessment of Squeeze vs. The Police. I'm sure you all would guess where I would fall in this category.

My iPod seems to like the Police, despite my own tastes. I only have about one-quarter their greatest hits album on there, and in random shuffle often I have to skip through two of their songs to get to a band that I want to hear. (Why, yes, I do program my own iPod. But if I can't skip through songs occasionally, I don't feel like I'm really listening.)

Also, I gotta wonder about some of those commenters on that site. What was that one guy's point, that he likes Soundgarden? Non sequitur much? Maybe he just likes to drop in conversation that he likes Chris Cornell just kind of randomly. Sheesh.

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Anonymous BBH said...

The Police have Sting, so they lose.

21 August, 2007 21:47  

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