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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Boston set list :0)

A lovely squeeze reader has sent in the set list for Boston:

"Here is the set list from last night's Boston show. i think I missed a song, but this list is pretty complete.

They totally rocked!!!

1. Take Me I’m Yours
2. ….. … ?? missed it
3. Picadilly
4. Hourglass
5. If Its Love
6. I Think I'm Go Go
7. There's no tomorrow
8. Electric trains
9. Some fantastic place
10. This Summer
11. Messed Around
12. Walkaway
13. Slaughtered, Gutted & Heartbroken
14. Annie get your gun
15. Another Nail
16. Goodbye Girl
17. If I Didnt Love You
18. Pulling Mussls from a shell
19. Slap and Tickle


20. Tempted
21. Is that love
22. Black Coffee in bed"

Thank you! You rock :0)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am seeing Squeeze tonight @ Nokia. Can't Wait. I also cannot believe they play "There's No Tomorrow". How cool is that. All of us Squeeze fans should do some type of e-petition to convince Glenn and Chris to do at least an EP of new stuff under the SQUEEZE moniker to make sure there is a tomorrow....

- Ian, Long Island (NEW YORK)

02 August, 2007 19:45  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry for the typos: I meant to say, I am seeing Squeeze tonight @ Nokia in Times Sq. Can't Wait. I also cannot believe they played "There's No Tomorrow" in Boston.

02 August, 2007 19:47  
Blogger H.Sidney said...

id like to hear heaven and someone elses heart or something good bently tunes. very bassie

03 August, 2007 05:59  
Anonymous Rich said...

Sorry, but this setlist isn't right at all. They did NOT play "There's No Tomorrow." They also did not play "This Summer," or "If It's Love." They DID play "Slightly Drunk" (the unknown second song), "Up the Junction" (obviously -- where "If It's Love" is listed), "Third Rail" (where "There's No Tomorrow" is listed), "Melody Motel" (where "This Summer" is listed), and "Cool for Cats" (I can't remember if it was right before or right after "Slap and Tickle.") I will however agree that the show rocked.

03 August, 2007 16:39  
Anonymous Rich said...

Now that I think about it, I'm certain "Cool for Cats" came after "Slap and Tickle." So here's the true setlist:

1. Take Me I'm Yours
2. Slightly Drunk
3. Piccadilly
4. Hourglass
5. Up the Junction
6. I Think I'm Go Go
7. Third Rail
8. Electric Trains
9. Some Fantastic Place
10. Melody Motel
11. Messed Around
12. Walk Away
13. Slaughtered, Gutted and Heartbroken
14. Annie Get Your Gun
15. Another Nail in My Heart
16. Goodbye Girl
17. If I Didn't Love You
18. Pulling Mussels (From the Shell)
19. Slap and Tickle
20. Cool for Cats


21. Tempted
22. Is That Love
23. Black Coffee in Bed

03 August, 2007 16:54  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let everyone know that they should go to - this site has the setlist for Nokia and more!


04 August, 2007 02:03  

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