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Saturday, August 04, 2007

New Jersey Praise

The paper that Tony Soprano takes liked the show at the Nokia Theatre, and promote the show that will in Atlantic City tonight. (Or maybe it's just the paper's blog? I can't tell from this.)

Not sure if the reviewer interviewed Glenn or not, or if Glenn said this as part of his stage patter:

"We haven't played any new songs tonight, because, well, there aren't any," said Tilbrook, no doubt a bit sensitive since he declared in 2004 that a tour without new songs is the "kiss of death."

He said that? Maybe I'm just getting old, but I don't remember that!
Anyway, the Star-Ledger continues:

But along with pitch-perfect renditions of such staples as "Pulling Mussels (From the Shell)" and "Hourglass," the band pulled out the more obscure "I Think I'm Go Go," roared through the power-pop of "Trust Me to Open My Mouth" and added a break to the new-wave drollery of "Cool for Cats" that was almost funky.

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Blogger H.Sidney said...

New Jersey loves Squeeze. What else can i say? Nifty article in the Asbury Park Press. My county's primary news publication:

Saw them at the Beacon, show smoked. Will go to the Sayerville show bought tickets tonight from ticketmaster, may have an extra!

05 August, 2007 05:28  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glenn did say the line about not playing new music, however the reveiwer mentions Trust me to Open My Mouth and If It's Love-they did not play either song at the Nokia. Went to both NYC shows and have to say the Beacon show was the better of the two. Glenn seemed tired and the vocal mix at Nokia was horrible.

05 August, 2007 16:18  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

UPDATE: The article was edited, he changed If Its Love to Is that Love. I read the article Friday morning someone must have pointed the mistake out.

Secondly Glenn is scheduled to be interviewed on Q104.3 in NY Sunday night at 9:30pm EST. Here is the listen live link:

05 August, 2007 17:45  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

saw the beacon show (wow, have fountains of wayne turned into a parody of a cartoon of a band) & the atlantic city show... gt's voice was shot in jersey but the crowd was filled with awesome, fawning squeeze geeks who just didn't care. so much fun, and they added "footprints" in nj.

this is bonkers. hope to hear some new music from the lads, but these shows are just bonkers...


05 August, 2007 20:43  

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