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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Mountain Winery Review & Setlist

A Bit Of A Mountain Whinery!

It's near the end of the late shift here at Squeeze Reader Towers (UK).

As I sit looking out at the starry sky, I'm just about to power down my computer, when I hear a "ding!"

YES! We have some Squeeze news neatly landing in my inbox!

Lovely Squeeze Reader Chris Baker, has sent in a link to a review of the Mountain Winery Show:

"Without Holland or Carrack around, Tilbrook was unquestionably the star of the show, and his guitar solos showed the same melodic verve as his vocals. During the closing “Black Coffee in Bed,” he was effusive in his excitement about the show and the entire tour, pointing out that five years ago he and Difford were more likely to be involved in a knife fight than to share a stage. But on this night, anyway, there was a lot of love going around."

The review seems more preoccupied with the ex-Squeeze members who weren't there... and (even though I was on the other side of the big pond), to say this about Chris Difford's singing:

"...rather monotonal vocals were nothing exceptional"

does deserve a big slap in the mouth with a well-oiled croissant.

At least the review credited Stephen 'Lord' Large as "versatile...making a good impression" and said that Squeeze (and their support band) Fountains Of Wayne, were "... simply about songs, and the two bands delivered enough tasty pop to satisfy any musical sweet tooth"

Here's the setlist (courtesy of The Mercury News article):

Take Me I’m Yours / Up the Junction / Footprints / Piccadilly / I Think I’m Go Go / Love Circles / Another Nail From My Heart / Electric Trains / Some Fantastic Place / Messed Around / This Summer / Annie Get Your Gun / Slaughtered, Gutted and Heartbroken / Slightly Drunk / Goodbye Girl / Hourglass / If I Didn’t Love You / Pulling Mussels (From the Shell) / Slap and Tickle / Cool for Cats // Tempted / Is That Love / Black Coffee in Bed

And as I watch the clouds slowly drift in front of the starry sky, I switch off my computer and make my way home, wandering if a well-oiled croissant should have been included in Cluedo?

If not, it most certainly should be.

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Blogger Bobbi said...

I agree with you about the well-oiled croissant! Whilst I hadn't seen the lads at the Mountain Winery, I did see them at the Nokia, Beacon and North Fork and each of them shined and delivered incredible performances.

18 August, 2007 15:00  
Blogger Laylah said...

I was at the winery and his voice was LOVELY and perfectly balanced the songs!

I'm horribly ignorant, but if you're interested, just posted my blog on mysapce.

19 August, 2007 09:36  
Blogger H.Sidney said...

i actually prefer chris's voice (no dis to glen, squeeze is squeeze). has anyone ever considered what frank sinatra got away with, with doing absolutely no tweaking to his voice as he sang for so many years?! johnny cash, bob dylan... and on and on. and theyre very cool for cats! heck what would that album be with all those great harmonies. lot of difford vocals on that fantastic effort!

20 August, 2007 06:47  
Blogger rocketzamboni said...

There are some comments on the SJ Mercury News online review, on the SJ Merc website, including corrections to set list.

The review can be found at:

Also Chris Difford 2007 US Tour Diary is now up to date. Check it out at

The review can be found at:

20 August, 2007 18:52  

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