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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

"increasingly decreased?"

Is that anything like "excess moderation?" I don't know why I neglected to post this Q-and-A with Glenn from the Chicago Sun-Times from about a week ago, particularly because it's already been on the Glenn list. But, it's a fun little read. My favorite bit is this:
Q. After you released your first solo disc, you were on the road pretty much nonstop for three years -- in an RV. Were you just in love with the road?

A. Squeeze hadn't put in a lot of work during our last eight years together, so our touring circle became increasingly decreased, if I can say that. So I went out to do a lot of touring because I wanted to reacquaint myself with whatever was left of the people who liked Squeeze -- and to find new people, as well. I mean, what I'm doing has flavors of Squeeze, but there's also a lot of things I do that Squeeze would not have done.
Increasingly decreased. I love that. I also love that he caught it and mentioned it himself.