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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Police say man at Jools show called himself a suicide bomber

You may have a drinking problem if the following happens to you:
[excerpt from the Cambridge Evening News]The 39-year-old of Tilney Croft, Harlow, was in the exclusive champagne bar of the July Racecourse during the Jools Holland concert on Saturday when it is alleged that he began drunkenly barging into people and being obnoxious....

The police were called and found that there had been a fracas between two groups. Police believed [Gary] Eels had a significant role in the disturbance and he was approached by an officer.

The officer identified him and started making his way over to him.

It is at this point that Eels allegedly held out his arms and shouted: "I am a bomber, I am a bomber."

Gary Eels, in a court appearance, denied making the bomb threats, but pleaded guilty to disorderly behavior (or behaviour), according to the Cambridge Evening News. The Evening News reported that Eels is scheduled for a pre-trial review on Aug. 23. The paper reported no injuries at the Newmarket Racecourse Jools Holland show.

This alleged incident is one of those things that you shouldn't let your drunken self do in these times/this day and age/insert your own aphorism here.

No word on whether the show was interrupted at all, but an earlier story in the Cambridge Evening News indicated that the only unusual occurrence was a guest pianist.