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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Squeeze-crossed paths? Difford, Holland, Lavis and Tilbrook in Glasgow on the same day....

I'm afraid I can't take credit for this one: Some sharp-eyed person on one of the e-mail lists noticed that Glenn and the Fluffers, Jools and R&BO with opening act Difford will all play in Glasgow on Friday Dec. 2, albeit in different venues. Jools, Chris and co, also are scheduled to play Saturday Dec. 3.

Do I smell coincidence? Dare I hope for a "special guest" on Dec. 3? Or at least perhaps the sharing of a nice dinner that could lead to more interesting things in the future? Interesting....

Can anyone at least get a hold of Keith Wilkinson's diary and find out what the heck he's doing on Dec. 3?


Blogger keith said...

Hi ! My name is Keith Wilkinson (true!) ..and I don't know what I am doing on Dec 3rd..However Dec12 is my birthday if you fancy sending me a card!!
Cheers Keith Wilkinson Auckland New Zealand

12 October, 2005 23:16  

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