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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Spare a good thought for Rob...

And for everyone else near the central Gulf coast of Texas. Rob lives in Houston about 50 miles inland of Galveston, which is being evacuated in preparation of Hurricane Rita. Rita is a category 5 hurricane set to hit somewhere between Galveston and Corpus Christi. To give you a sense of scale, Katrina, which damaged New Orleans' levees and wiped out Gulfport and Biloxi, Miss., was a category 4. Rob has audioblogged about the preparations process. If you have any more room for a spare thought, please send another one to Corpus Christi, for which I have some affection after having been born there a while ago.


Blogger Rob Booth said...

Thanks. It missed us. Just some wind. Glad our preparations turned out to be too much.

Now, would every Squeezereader reader please mail me a gallon of gasoline?

25 September, 2005 19:58  

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