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Monday, September 19, 2005

Scotland has its way with Jools (and sartorial report)

The Edinburgh Evening News interviews a witty Jools, wearing a "a black suit and skull and crossbones cufflinks," about the Jam House, the new club for which he will be the musical director. Jazz police, beware, sayeth Jools:
I think jazz is a big world and I'll have to be careful at the new club if the strict jazz police come round. There will be all sorts of music, from the blues to ska. I love the hard-core jazz audience, but I do want to appeal to a wider market as well. If people love music, they're not going to be limited to one sort of music.
He also mentions that he'd love to tape "Later" at the new place, the former home a BBC radio studio, but that's up to the money people.

I also have to make a correction. It was the Edinbugh Evening News that published the story I referred to in a previous post, not The Scotsman. The Scotsman does have its own article on the new club, but we have to pay to see it. (Oh, well.)