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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

New Squeeze Release? Yet another compilation.... lists this as having been released Tuesday (Sept. 20). The Squeeze "Gold" double CD set is available in the US as an import. The track listing looks so familiar to me, but that may be because I've seen these songs compiled so many times before. Its 39 tracks span the early period to Domino, but skips over "Play" (a Reprise release) and (strangely) "Frank."

Now, I'm not so much of a completist that I can compare track listings across all the compilations, so maybe someone can tell me if this is really something new, or an old compilation repackaged with the color version of picture decorating Song by Song, (as you can see here from the
Track Listings
1. Suites From Five Strangers
2. Take Me I'm Yours
3. Goodbye Girl
4. Medley: Squabs On Forty Fab
5. Cool For Cats
6. Model
7. Spanish Guitar
8. Up The Junction
9. Elephant Girl
10. Slap & Tickle
11. Another Nail In The Heart
12. Trust
13. Pulling Mussels (From The Shell)
14. Yap, Yap, Yap
15. Is That Love?
16. Fortnight Saga
17. Tempted
18. Wedding Bells
19. Black Coffee In Bed
20. What The Butler Saw
21. Annie Get Your Gun
22. Going Crazy
23. Introvert
24. Labelled With Love
25. Last Time Forever
26. Who's That
27. Hourglass
28. Vanity Fair
29. Christmas Day
30. Some Fantastic Place
31. Maidstone
32. Third Rail
33. Discipline
34. This Summer
35. Electric Trains
36. Periscope
37. All's Well
38. Heaven Knows
39. Domino
Now, I don't have Suites from Five Strangers, but I think it's available on another compilation set. Any other thoughts on this track listing?


Blogger bay-behhh said...

Wow, all you write about is Squeeze...

That's, of course, not a bad thing, by the way. In fact, it's great, as, um, devotionals to the band are rare.

I guess the title of your blog is quite appropriate then and unlike my Fascination Site that has yet to feature a single post mentioning the Cure song after which it was named.

I envy your commitment.

22 September, 2005 03:21  

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