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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

glenn at antone's in austin on may 6

It was nice of Joe Gross of Austin 360 (the online calendar section of the Austin Statesman) to mention that Glenn will be playing at Antone's on May 6. Even if Mr. Gross would rather hear A Flock of Seagulls than "Tempted". Maybe someone should let him know he probably won't hear "Tempted," so he has nothing to fear. But he must have said much more than that. The Google News link that led me to that little blurb excerpts a Statesman subscriber-only article seems much more intriguing than what I actually got. Google quotes: "... is a certified patent holder and member of that ... the songwriting ampersand behind the beloved band Squeeze and now ... the new hardest working man in show business. ... " Argh! What is it saying?!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glen certainly will sing "Tempted" when you see him, guaranteed

05 May, 2005 02:21  
Blogger bitterspice said...

Not that I would know, Anonymous, as he's not coming to the West Coast. He doesn't love us!

06 May, 2005 19:07  

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